Swan, Rijksmuseum


Jan Asselijn’s ‘The endangered swan’ was painted around 1650. We see a swan energetically defending her nest against a dog. The fight was politically interpreted in later centuries: the white swan was conceived as statesman Johan de Witt, murdered in 1672, who defends the country against his enemies. With that interpretation, the painting ended up in 1800 as the first purchase in the National Art Gallery (the predecessor of the Rijksmuseum). It was purchased for 100 guilders and is still considered one of the masterpieces of the Rijksmuseum.

Museum collection
Commissioned by
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
The scarf is designed in close collaboration with the museum, and supports the work now on display.
During the collaboration with many museums, Hellen has specialized in working with world-famous paintings, and is always looking for the right balance between having great respect for the painter and his work, and translating this into a product that can be worn. Preferably the paintings are not cut and the colors are not changed. Mostly, Hellen tries to add a layer of herself to it, that brings about the right surprise.
135 x 135 cm
machine stitch
€ 99,00 (this scarf is for sale at our shop)